Rika Sjoekri is an Indonesian architect practicing since 1995.  Born in Karachi, Pakistan on June 1971 of Minang parents.  Her childhood is spent with her parents and 5 siblings in Cairo, Jakarta, and Wellington.  She gained her degree from the Department of Architecture Fakultas Teknik Universitas Indonesia in 1994, followed by a 7 year stint in Denton Corker Marshall Jakarta, followed by starting up titik|garis|bidang, before starting her own firm in 2005.


The Architects at Noesis are:

Ika Rosantiningsih

Paranta Viera Dewata

Aurum Winaya

Daniel Aditya

Rani Oktridarma Dewi - on project basis in Surabaya

Niken Prawestiti - on project basis in Jakarta



Past Architects who had helped with the firm’s growth:

RR Nurindah WS


Revianti Oksinta

Dewi  Andhika Putri