nation’s treasures

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nation’s treasures

There are the people and the possibilities, there are the precious metals, there are the spices, there are the oils and gases, and now there are the microbes – the new frontier.   We have been lucky to collaborate with scientists, engineers, and experts on projects that widens our breadth of experience.   In that collaboration alone, I found the first treasure: the passionate people with a vision to move things forward and willing to collectively build on the knowledge to reach it.   Design, here, comes from numerous discussions of flows and reasoning that adds up to the whole knowledge.  All with its own special journey to become:

1.  IHVCB UI – Institute of Human Virology and Cancer Biology Universitas Indonesia (built  and used)

2.  TB labs around Indonesia  (built and used)

3.  CNG Mother Station (built and used, with another currently under construction)

4.  INTROF CC – Indonesian Tropical Forest Culture Collection (master plan and project plan)

inforcc (Large)

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